The year is 1986, and the threat of a war and terrorist attack has struck fear into the hearts of America. Across the united states a program is distributed, to various locations, floppy disks left at libraries and universities, and in various public places. The program is full of puzzles, and many struggle to unlock its secrets. Rumors swirl as to its true nature, most believe its a government recruitment program. No one comes out publicly to say they've succeed in solving it. The government denies involvement. Its reach is massive,global. shrouded in mystery and theories. No company can be found associated to it, nor any one individual. You find yourself in possession of a copy, the floppy disk is labelled QUINTET you will attempt to discover its secrets.


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Stuck on the third puzzle. If anyone cracks it, I'd appreciate a hint!

The Bill one? theres some symbols there....they arent Hashtags, that symbol has another meaning