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Amazing job on this game! I've only got two endings so far but it's definitely got me hooked in to uncover the whole story. It's experimental but approachable IMO, unless your not a patient game player. Really excited to see the end and dive back into this atmospheric dark digital playground.  Being an RPG maker user for a little while now I can tell you put a ton of time into this, and it paid off greatly! very inspirational :)

Thank you so much! Im so glad you like it, and i'm continuing even now to try add new an exciting features to it for people to explore! Including a few A.R. features you may be able to find in there...

I love stuff like this, it's great. I've found one ending, pretty sure it was a bad one. But I'll dig deeper and see what else I can find. 

Are you planning on working on this much more? Obviously I haven't seen everything yet, but I do feel like I'm doing the same things again pretty often. It'd be cool to have some new avenues to explore. 

I'll give it another bash soon and see what else I can find, but if I get stuck I may ask for help... 

Good stuff!

id love to do more with in, as long as i can keep the story straight. My biggest concern was always the first hurdle of getting past the ENTER. after that, people are in for a ride. but thank you SOOOO much for playing at all. i'm super excited to hear that and to hear any feedback at all.